Mi., 18. Aug. | Webinar

"Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast": The Importance of a great Startup Culture

"Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast": The Importance of a great Startup Culture

Time & Location

18. Aug., 18:30

About the Event

When you’re a startup founder, there’s a heck of a lot of noise to distract you: developing your core product, finding a market fit, pitching to investors, and recruiting people to fulfill your ever-expanding workload. But your number one focus should be culture. ⭐️

Culture is one of the few things you can control as a founder. It’s in your competitive advantage to not leave it up to chance — it’s never too early or late to develop your culture. ✅

By the end of this workshop, you’ll:

- Learn the importance of having a great startup culture

- Explore examples of different startup cultures

- Work on your startup’s core values

- Reflect on how to embody your startup culture every day


Start at 6:30 pm

+ Q&A

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🦸🏻 About Jaïr Halevi:

Jaïr has a founder's mindset with a passion for innovation, technology, and start-ups. In the Netherlands and internationally (Nordics and South America) he worked with leading brands and with Governments and NGOs. Helping startups grow is what he loves to do.


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