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🧠 How you can grow your business by dealing with your emotions the right way

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🧠 How you can grow your business by dealing with your emotions the right way

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07. Apr., 18:30
You will receive the dial in via email

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If you consider our brain a well oiled super machine that never forgets anything: Imagine what it stored over your lifetime! 🧠

To declutter and organize the mental space, it sometimes is necessary to defragment and empty the "CPU".

Emotions are the key to hack the unconscious mind where all the cluttering takes place, where all the information is stored that clouds your judgments and consumes energy if there is too much unfinished business.

Consider unfinished business as everything you remember from your past that either feels negative or limits you. Only when we learn from past happenings can we restore our mental capacities and experience more focus and clarity and strengthen our internal compass hence our intuition.

Join us for this workshop to deal with your emotions the right way – especially during Covid a really challenging task – and get back into the flow. 🌊

Start: 6:30 pm + Q&A

🦸🏻‍♂ About Florian Hager:

Florian supports entrepreneurs to perform as well as they are used to, even under high pressure and stress. Frustration, worries and anger are dissolved and transformed so that clarity and focus prevail even after major defeats or in crises - the so-called flow state. The result is a sustainable increase in performance and increased resilience.

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