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Branding is more than a logo (Week 7 in the Startup Academy)

Aktualisiert: 12. Feb. 2023

In Week 7 of the Startup Academy, our Future Founders were guided through the topic of Branding & Design by a Creative Strategist Isabella Stadtmann. In addition to learning about the importance of branding for startups, the Founders were able to work creatively with their brands.

🎨 "With the help of vivid examples, branding was made more tangible for us and it was made clear how important branding is for the success of a company. Isabella Stadtmann made the workshop a colorful experience..”

🧠 "We enjoyed the insightful presentation with the key lessons about the psychology of colors on

the basis of seasonality... In the practical part, we could apply the new knowledge into making the relevant color choices

for our branding.”

👁 “It was an amazing session which helped us to make people quickly identify and experience a startup’s brand and products, and help us to figure out how we want our customers to perceive our brand identity. It was an important and insightful session as 95% of customer decisions are subconscious and in these cases, customers will be driven by how they feel about your company.”

💬 “ I got an opportunity to learn & discuss more about the strategies about building a brand from scratch. Branding is one of the difficult things for startup especially with choosing the name, unique logo for the brand, etc. Good branding is always at the center of any great business.”

These quotes are from participants in the Startup Academy's Spring Batch 2022.

Thanks to our sponsor Wirtschaftsjunioren Berlin for offering several student scholarships to our participants.

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