• Lisa-Marie Urban

My week 1 in the Startup Program

Yesterday I started my journey on realizing an idea about a topic which kept me busy in a very personal way for the past 15 months.

I am happy to be accompanied by BERLIN STARTUP SCHOOL - thanks for inspiring me with a first session about Mindset of the Startup Program - reflecting on what are your motives to start a business & how your mindset will influence you in becoming a founder. As well as keep being focused to start small - but start!

My first steps the past days were talking to as many people as possible about the idea, brainstormed with friends on a a first brand name. Took the one which resonated the most to get started - saved a .de and .com domain, business mail account and a website toolkit.

This weeks goal: Working on the vision, start structuring concept/business model ideas & making a collaboration wishlist.

...what my idea is all about? I will tell you step by step!

Really looking forward to the next three months to explore together with 9 other people the journey of founding my own business.

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Image: www.motivateheroes.com