• Lisa-Marie Urban

My week 2 in the Startup Program

Thank you all for your positive resonance on last weeks post! It really motivates me and does not raise any pressure 😉.

A little teaser - as so many of you were asking: My Idea is around coping with hair loss, getting back your hair/mental health and alternative hair innovations.

Over 50% of us are experiencing hair loss at least once in their life.

This week in the startup program it was all about the uniqueness of my idea and the value that I bring to my potential customers.

In my mentoring session with Tino from Berlin Startup School we discussed my progress: Competitor analysis, 1st website draft and its concept.

This weekend I will work on creating content and visualizing the brand to be ready to get in contact with my potential followers/customers.

It is a really new experience to take your free time to work on a personal idea and bring back the energy & creativity into your day to day work.

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