• Lisa-Marie Urban

My week 5 in the Startup Program

Aktualisiert: 23. Mai 2020

“Everything Starts with the Customer…".

WAIT: everything starts with building a Prototype which your potential customer can test.

Week five of the Startup Program has tought us everything about building a prototype and reaching out to your potential customers.

My product at first will be a website www.itsworthme.com - Own your Hair loss Journey. Which will navigate my customers through their hair loss journey with confidence and a positive mindset - without investing needless time and money.

Building a prototype means for me building a first minimal website on my own using the free website toolboxes Wix and Godaddy. To measure and to get in contact with my first customers I have put a sticker on my website saying, “Sign up to be informed, when we launch our website”, where customers can enter their email address.

It a will help me to check if people are actually interested in my idea. And they benefit from new content first hand.

Besides the website I used LinkedIn and other ways to talk with people about my idea and product. As a result, random friends from friends, colleagues and relatives who have problems with hair loss contacted me and gave me already positive feedback on my website and the content.

That motivates me and keeps me going in the right direction. So, go out, create, test and hypothesis or better said: build, measure and learn!

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