• Lisa-Marie Urban

My week 6 in the Startup Program

Aktualisiert: 23. Mai 2020

It was time to make up my mind about a Marketing and Sales strategy.

Within week six of the Startup Program, Berlin Startup School introduced us to the “AIDAR Model”; Awareness (how will your customers become aware of you?), Interest (how can the customer learn more the product?), Desire (what is unique about your product, that the customer wants to have so badly?), Action (how does the customer actually purchase your product?), and not to forget; Retention (how to keep your customer happy and curious to come back?).

One tiny example from my idea “It’s worth me – Own your hair loss journey” is an interview with Dr. Garcia Bartels the former leader of Berlin Charité Hair Clinic which I will publish on my website soon.

To get information from a real expert can be one possible desire of my customers. Together with her we designed a little check list “how to prepare for the doctor’s appointment on hair loss”. This can be a communicated as add-on via a newsletter or downloaded via entering your email address on the website. With this I can measure, if people are interested in more information and if they like these kinds of add-ons.

The second thing I am planning to do is a virtual Meetup to exchange with others on their hair loss journey. As we learned from Olla Jongerius in one of the free sessions, community building is one of the most important Marketing & Sales strategies. Not only to get to know your customers better, but also in building up a trustful brand.

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