• Lisa-Marie Urban

My week 7 in the Startup Program

Week 7 in the Startup Program was all about the "Why".

Ines van der Heusen reminded us about the importance of having a clear vision, mission and values for your business. Many of us have great ideas in mind.

For me, the idea "It's worth me" is the first one I have a real vision for. I can even clearly visualize the „empire“ around the solution of the problem for many people in my daydreams. A possibility to visualize the vision is by drawing it (e.g. with the concept of a Vivid Vision by Cameron Herold).

Vision means thinking big - as big as you can or dream of. The value is the „why“ – why you are working on it. I believe that followers and customers can feel the real values behind your business.

Take some time and listen to yourself: What drives you to realize your idea? If you know that, it can be much easier to create the smaller steps towards your vision, the so called mission

I do not want to speak about my vision in detail in this post as it is such a pure thought from deep inside of me. But let‘s talk about value: 

I want to support women to own their hair loss journey. Giving them orientation and providing all the information they need, supporting them in becoming confident and having a positive mindset in the long run.

I want them to feel understood and not alone with the topic. Followed by being well informed about all possible solutions without losing themselves in the process and maintaining their "natural look".

Part of my mission is to provide help to my customers and to build up a trust. Moreover, my platform is providing value for them without investing needless time and money. 

If you follow this path - it will help you also in convincing business partners, your core team, future employees, investors, customers, followers, media and more.

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