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Always tell a Story (Week 2 in the Startup Academy)

Aktualisiert: 12. Feb. 2023

...this was the second week for our Future Founders in the Startup Academy about Storytelling:

🎯 "This opportunity reminded us that we had to put ourselves in the perspective of our customers, trying to see what they see, and empathize with what they feel. By this way, we would be able to tell them “their” story, soul to soul, rather than our story, and make convincing the customer one step closer."

🔮 "The second week was also a step forward in the story of our founders team. While thinking about our story and who we are and want to be in week one, we now are more clear about how, why and for who we are building the future."

🙏🏻"The coaches gave us really valuable advice on what the next steps in the process could look like for us, such as carrying out a proof of product and working out our MVP. This made us feel very supported and the recommendations and feedback gave us new orientation on where to go next for us and what concrete next steps look like."

These quotes are from participants in the Startup Academy's Spring Batch 2022.

We would like to thank our sponsor Wirtschaftsjunioren Berlin for offering several student scholarships to our participants.

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