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Dear Startup Diary... (Week 1 in the Startup Academy)

Aktualisiert: 12. Feb. 2023

...this was the first week for our Future Founders in the Startup Academy about Mindset (incl. qualities of an entrepreneur, "Ikigai" and more):

🎢 "We realised how different qualities of an entrepreneur could be practiced by ourselves by using tools and techniques, some of which do create habitual effects to our Minds, keeping ourselves on the right track over some rollercoasters."

🍅"A technique we discussed in the group was Pomodoro. Breaking your task into chunks of 25 minutes but also effectively using the breaks in between helps improve productivity dramatically."

💪🏻 "The presented characteristics helped us to let go of the fear of failure. As it’s said: He who does not dare has already lost." 🤜🏽🤛🏻 "We’re super grateful that the community is indeed a setting where you can loosen up and try things out, talk openly about your doubts. We definitely feel very supported, equally and respectfully treated and safe."

🤩 "We strongly felt that these first inputs on our mindset and our strengths challenged our own thinking and acting, and also gave us direction like a compass that is being directed by the alignment of our actions with our values and strengths."

These quotes are from participants in the Startup Academy's Spring Batch 2022.

We would like to thank our sponsor Wirtschaftsjunioren Berlin for offering several student scholarships to our participants.

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