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Know your market (Week 3 in the Startup Academy)

Aktualisiert: 12. Feb. 2023

In the third week of the Startup Academy our Future Founders learned all about Customer Discovery:

🎯 "This week’s input on market research was not just interesting but has hit the mark in terms of content: more than being just valuable and insightful, it felt like it was individually designed for our project and where we are at as a startup right now. It became clear to us that doing a deep dive into what the market holds, especially the point of view of our stakeholders is THE next step that our team needs to take if we want to advance in our process.”

👂[Quote]:“If you don’t listen to your customers, someone else will” - "Listen to your customers, understand their needs and expectations and design a product or services which meet their needs and desires. All this can be only done by asking the right questions; for that we were introduced to several customer discovery methods.”

🤓“Before this session, I had very little idea about persona and how it affects customer behavior but I ended up with a lot more informative side. Overall, the session was good, informative with plenty of fun.”

💬 “In addition to the insightful presentation, we were also advised to conduct some real research into the market as a practical exercise to understand our targeted user group better ... Thanks to the instructions, we interviewed 11 friends about their habits in meal planning, grocery shopping and eating to learn more about their experiences and especially their pain points in need of help. With some insights from these interviews, we created an online survey and received over 150 responses from our networks so far.”

These quotes are from participants in the Startup Academy's Spring Batch 2022.

Thanks to our sponsor Wirtschaftsjunioren Berlin for offering several student scholarships to our participants.

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