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Online Marketing (Summary Live-Q&A)

This is a summary about the online Q&A with Berlin Startup School & Argo.Berlin on the 1st of April 2020.

Which language to choose for your website:

  • Start with only one language and become successful with it first!

  • Start with the language that is easiest for you!

  • Still consider the language with less competitors and the biggest market!

  • Info: Facebook has a translation option and will publish it to the target audience in the right language

  • Be careful about translation tools, they are not yet working perfectly and beware of cultural differences and religion!

  • Minimize your operations instead of having several languages at once!

How to sell protective masks during Corona:

  • Go B2B first (if you want to sell big quantities): Offer it to private hospitals, big companies, doctors or elderly houses

  • Then try B2C: Why not doing old school flyers or printouts?

  • Google might have a lot of search results at the moment but Amazon is bigger when it comes to e-commerce.

  • Advertising might be limited on certain platforms but if you have a story around your product it is still possible (compare the company "Jungfeld" which is still able to advertise although there are restrictions)!

  • It’s not too late to build a community (people will need masks for a longer period of time): Publish information about hygiene, etc.

  • SEO takes too long to make a quick sale!

Check out for upcoming webinars & Live-Q&A.


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