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Online Marketing (Summary Live-Q&A)

This is a summary about the online Q&A with Berlin Startup School & Argo.Berlin on the 19th of March 2020.

How to do Online Marketing during times of the Corona Virus:

  • It’s hard to get the attention of people because the focus is on the Corona virus

  • Google Ads don’t make a lot of sense at the moment because people are insecure

  • People might not buy at the moment but they plan to buy in 6-12 months

  • You can start building up a community and creating content today!

  • Affiliate Marketing: Choose a brand that has already a reputation, that makes it easier to sell

  • Advice: Don’t think short-term, think long-term!

About building up companies during times of the Corona Virus:

  • Start with an easy solution: Make a Q&A or build a small webpage to test what people actually want and need

  • Don’t pay for somebody building up your website right away. Make sure that you know what people want first!

  • Advice: Build a solution that is also relevant after the crisis!

Instagram for beginners:

  • Start with more than 1 picture (don’t start with an empty feed)

  • Usually posting 1 picture a day is enough to feed the algorithm

  • Instagram is about “Fire & forget” that means you need content constantly

  • You need a story about your product or service – what are you offering?

  • Instagram and Facebook are connected: You can choose a target group for Facebook ads and it will applied on an Instagram ad, too.

  • (Re-)Post videos of people who unwrap your products

  • Post the content on Facebook, too (can be automized).

Check out for upcoming webinars & live-q&a.


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